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I don’t do this often but doesn’t every girl say that?

So I’ve seen this up and down my Facebook feed lately / just wherever else.  It’s the quote, “do you want to build your dreams or build somebody else’s?” type of quote you’ve prob seen once or a million times.  I don’t know if it’s the wording, but I find it to be counterproductive and it rubs me the wrong way.  I get it’s supposed to be motivational but it seems to be more of a cheesy marketing strategy.  “BUILD YOUR DREAM LIFE, INSTEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE’S” would be a great book title to get on a Top Seller’s list.  Trust me, I assure you I understand the deeper meaning behind the quote.

Can we get real for a sec?  Sometimes we have to work for someone else, and be on someone else’s payroll to fund our passions and future endeavors  & that’s OK.

So you’re working towards your dreams, building your dreams to make them reality but once you get there – do you plan on having a team?  If you’re answer is yes then you’re on the right path.  Alright so when you have your team and you’re all working towards building your dream – are you going to keep posting that quote on your social media?  Are you going to say it in a team meeting? ….

Probably not because you’re a team and there’s no I or MY in team.  Each person in that team is vested in the dream, the purpose, the goal.  Whether it originated as ( your ) dream, it has now become the dream of others and probably always has been.  Thankfully for you, you’ve made it possible for them to work towards it.

Sometimes people are okay with working for others or their passionate about it.  Everyone’s passions come into play in different ways.  They don’t want the responsibility of being a CEO,  when they clock out of work their DONE with work.  When you are your own CEO, you can never clock out.

As I believe we should all work extremely hard to fund the lives we want to live.  I believe everyone should be hustling to get out of a situation they hate towards a situation they love.  If you’re clocking in and freaking hating life, then GET OUT – get out now ( !!!! )

Ok, that may not be realistic for some but start putting in the time to look into changing your current situation if you’re hating it.  Don’t get lazy on yourself.  That’s the worst thing you can possibly do, don’t become complacent!  If you’re current situation is a 9-5 job not by choice, you should have a side hustle.  Another source of income coming in.  Preferably a side hustle you are extremely passionate about until that side hustle becomes the main source of your revenue.

One way you can tell if you’re not passionate about the work you’re doing is ask yourself if you would do the same work for FREE?

Maybe my thought process is different because sometimes I tend to be passionate about helping others build their dreams, because I can and I want to.  I genuinely enjoy it.  I LOVE to offer people different perspectives, different ideas, and teach them how to execute them in maybe an unconventional way.  If I know someone I can connect them with or have knowledge about resources they can use – I share it all.  I don’t mind putting my time and energy in it.  And if that’s building someone else’s dream, I’m okay with that.  I can build my dream and help build someone else’s? Yes, plz. (Ha, maybe that will be the text on my book for marketing)

  Is there sometimes a struggle with balancing the two? HELL YEA. But it’s okay, I’m figuring it out day by day.

But I guess that’s what makes The Lifestyle Playbook different.  It was never about me.  I never started it with the intentions of just focusing on me and my dreams.  I made it to form a community.  A community of positive like-minded individuals.  It’s about truly building and creating relationships with people.  Whether it is for business or for pleasure.  It’s about inspiring, connecting and educating others.  To break boundaries and make new ones.  Do stuff the unconventional way.  Raise awareness and have fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my dreams and goals written down and engraved in my head but what I’m trying to say is that those dreams and goals  are to create something bigger and better for you guys.

I believe together we can make something really great.

What do you guys think?


Can’t knock anyone’s hustle.


Alright ta- ta for now

Love ,



Elena Sanchez


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    Kate @ Green Fashionista

    August 10, 2016

    I’ve seen that quote floating around too, and always think “that would be nice”. The reality is most of us have to work a 9-5 for someone else, but so much yes to having a side hustle! And finding balance is so key <3
    Green Fashionista

    • Reply

      December 14, 2016

      Hi Kate, thanks so much on your feedback 🙂 I’m still trying to find my balance with everything but i agree it is KEY!