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Living in Florida – where it’s sunny all year round makes it REALLY hard not to break your bank splurging on bikinis!  Especially with the beach weather rolling in, the first thing I did was start online shopping for bikinis.  I wanted to share my tips on how I shop for bikinis and whether I want to SAVE (low cost) or SPLURGE (high cost) on them!

One pieces are

e v e r y t h i n g.

I think people really underestimate the sexiness of a one piece.  They give off the illusion of more curves and elongate your legs!


Shop the looks:


This is on my must-have list for this spring/summer.

Shop the looks:


The off-the-shoulder ruffled tops are perfect for the girl with a small bust to help accentuate what you have and your shoulders.  Don’t underestimate the collarbone moment.

Shop the looks:


I love a good high neck.  But how SIMILAR are these two swimsuits?!  Practically the color and all.  The crazy part is the price is over a hundred dollar difference.

Shop the looks:

 Tropical Print HIGH & Tropical Print LOW

This was so fun for me to make because I love sharing my tips on how I save money while shopping.  Although sometimes I splurge, I love a good price hack!  I will definitely do more posts of my save & splurge hacks.

Next up will be my spring break checklist!





When I put things off, I REALLY put things off…

 hashtag new year, same me ?

We are three months into 2017, already!  Time goes by SO fast… like too fast, I still need to catch up lol.

The start of 2017 has been AMAZING

Quick update:

In January, I went on a girl’s trip with one of my best friends to Colorado!   Whole post and vlog will be up soon.  We stayed at a basically Shameless style airbnb, had a whole moment on the mountain in Breckenridge (hello, Paramedics) and explored Denver!

I got the chicest planner, wrote down my goals/intentions for this year and little by little started to strategically plan out how I’m going to accomplish them.  I have a lot of goals, visions, and things I want to accomplish so the toughest part has been organizing my thoughts and getting everything together.

In February, I went to California for a vacay!  It was my brother’s birthday so we went to LA, Snowboarding at Big Bear, Venice, and a graduate school interview in San Diego.  (Post & vlog soon to follow) LOTS to show and tell!

The only hard part about coming back from Cali to Orlando is the LIMITED healthy food options.  When you’re in Cali every other choice is a healthier option and most likely your green juice is just a walk away.  But in Orlando I have to make that trek to find a good option and making sure it’s legitimately a GOOD option.  I really like quick, easy, and accessible.  Can someone please make an organic, non-gmo, grass-fed fast food, drive-thru option plzz?  Like I don’t need another Zaxby’s two miles away from the other Zaxby’s.

But I came back feeling so inspired and really want to hit the ground running.  I have so much content in store for The Lifestyle Playbook and I can’t wait to share it with you guys!!!

Posts for daysss.

This month I am going to New York with a few of my really good friends and get to spend time with my new born niece, Kenzi!  UGH, she is the cutest baby – I’m literally obsessed with her.

Well I’m off to go work on my shiz because I’m tired of saying “oh I will tomorrow

tomorrow was 3 months ago and bad habits change, when you make a change.

If you have tips on not getting distracted, PLZ SHARE.

How is your 2017 going so far?!


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Answers So Far..

  • Someone asked:
    Have you always been an outgoing person with strangers or did you become that way over time?
    • Elena Sanchez replied:
      I would say I have always been an outgoing person with strangers since I was young, I think there's something comforting about approaching someone who knows absolutely nothing about you.
  • Someone asked:
    Hi! Where did you get your eye masks from?
    • replied:
      I like to play around with different ones from Sephora!




This gift is perfect for the conscious gal/guy who is into their health, wellness, and good vibes.  This oil diffuser is also a ultrasonic cool mist humidifier & BPA Free (yes plz!)


These chic coasters are so fun with the phrases on them.  Plus I feel like these will instantly uplift any dull setting.


For the girl who loves to drink – preferably champagne.


Candles are such a go-to gift when you just have NO idea what to get someone and it’s a guaranteed safe move.  But what REALLY matters is if the candle looks chic or not.  I love this one, from Nordstrom – plus it also comes in gold and black.

This gift guide can work for the holidays or a house warming party!


xo, e




Do you have someone special in your life? Hubby, Boyfriend, Brother, Dad ?

I feel like guys are the EASIEST people to shop for.  You don’t have to put much thought into it and you can make whatever it is meaningful to them.
I’ve put together a quick inspo gift guide for the men in your life.




These are so convenient for the guy who lives, breathes, and eats for the gains.




Hook your guy up with a travel bag that is ( actually ) cute and efficient.  Plus it’s a perfect excuse to go on a trip together.  I say win/win!




Whether they like to admit it or not, us ladies have a major influence on our man’s style.  Some guys are a lot tougher than others but do them a favor and get them these white sneakers.  They are so comfy and so chic.




Kodi & chill?  Who doesn’t want access to all the movies and shows you want to watch.  It’s kind of a gift for the both of you and it’s only $39, such a good deal!

What are some things you’re getting the men in your life?!

Would love to hear 🙂

xoxox, Elena





Does anyone else wait until the VERY last minute to buy gifts for their family & friends?

Well I am REALLY trying to avoid that this year before shopping gets too cray and shipping prices rise.  I’ve started making lists of people and their gifts, I mean that’s a good start – right?

I’ve come up with a few gift guides to inspire and assist you guys with your loved ones and because sometimes we just don’t have a CLUE what to get for people.

Here’s a few things that are on my wish list this year that won’t break the bank.

  1. GISOU HONEY, HAIR OIL : A must for the girl with gorgeous hair or strives for gorgeous hair.
  2. HIGH WASTED LULULEMON LEGGINGS : For my fellow yogis
  3. LUMEE IPHONE CASE : I bought this for my previous phone and it is not a disappointment.  Never have to worry about bad lighting when taking selfies for a night out with your girls ( or guys ).
  4. FURRY BLACK SLIDES : SO Riri  – I like the original ones from Puma but I don’t want a huge PUMA logo on the fur of the slides so I like these because their more simple and just as chic.
  5. MOON JUICE : When I was in LA, I basically went to this store everyday I was there.  You can read the benefits, here.  Will do a whole Q & A post very soon 🙂

What are some of the things on your wish list?!



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So Thanksgiving is over but the feeling of thankfulness isn’t.

There is SO much to be thankful for.  I got to spend Thanksgiving super lowkey and chill with my parents, older brother and Lily ( just how I like it ).  And catch up on some much needed sleep.
– Pretty sure I was wearing sweatpants and a sports bra to the table. Chic? Hobo? Lazy? Ya… Anyways back to super lowkey and chill.  There wasn’t any over-eating, food baby coma happening at our table. We didn’t even have desert which I was on the hunt for afterwards, of course.
We all get super busy and life can get hectic but it’s moments like these that I am most thankful for.  Quality time with my family at the dinner table.  It’s sorta been our thing since I can remember.
I started this thing called Gratitude Sunday’s and it’s just where I take a few minutes out of my day to send a gratitude text to someone I love/care about.  Doesn’t have to be a long text but just something to let them know that I am thinking of them and how I appreciate them.  I’ll do a whole post on why this is so important for your overall health.


 On to SHOPPING! I did do some black friday shopping at the mall but where I did the most damage was online shopping.  Here are some amazing Cyber Monday Deals!
Some of my favv deals at the moment.

2. Nasty Gal | Up to 80% off

3. Revolve Sale | 20% off CODE: CYBER20

4. Forever 21 | 21% off all items & free shipping CODE: CYBER21

5. Asos | 30% off everything CODE: THANKFUL30

6. Missguided | 50% off everything CODE: YESYESYES

7. Nordstrom | Extra 20% off

8. Amazon | Up to 80% off

9. EGO | 30% off everything

10. Urban Outfitters | $15 off $75 & $50 off $150



Spotlight Monday

So the very first time I saw this sweater I was like, wait wtf?! – Which obviously means I loved it.  I believe there is no taboo topic that is off limits.  I’ve worn this sweater in Orlando, Arizona, & California and it is definitely a conversation starter.

The international Swedish boss babes behind the controversial brand share about the meaning behind “Pussy Got Balls”, why they created the brand, and empowering women.  Not to mention, how cute would it be to wear this sweater with your BFF? Yess, plz.



| Introduce yourself and your brand? |

We, Katja & Lina, met at a advertising agency in Stockholm, Sweden. We simply want to spread some pussy-power with “Pussy Got Balls”, and make people question why people use “pussy” as a bad/weak word.

| How did “Pussy Got Balls” come about?  What is the true meaning behind the controversial phrase? |

The phrase ”pussy” has been with us for many many years. We hear people use it around us all the time. In real life, in movies, in reality tv shows… the list goes on. Why? Why do you call someone that you find weak, a pussy? Isn’t it strange how people say that a brave person “got balls”, while being “a pussy” means being weak?

The male sex = brave and strong. The female sex = looked as the opposite. Not ok, right!? Thats what we thought. So we played with the words to find something people would react to. A phrase people could start talking about. So that’s how ”pussy got balls” came about.




| Were you aware that people might look at the sweater and be like, WTF?! |

We want people to react. So WTF would be a good reaction. Hopefully we have planted a seed in their minds. Hopefully they will think about this the next time they call someone a ”pussy”.


| What do you say when people have an issue with the wording, “Pussy Got Balls”? |

It’s not a war we are trying to start here. We don’t say that the female or the male sex is better than the other. We just want a reaction. And play with a phrase that people tend to use. We just want people to think about the true mening of the words. Pussy is not weak! You should wear this sweater and feel powerful. And we promise, You do!!!



| Do you offer more than crew neck sweaters? |

At this point we only have the grey sweaters. But we will see what the future holds 😉

| These crew necks are seriously ideal for this Fall.  Where can we get ahold of your super cute sweaters? |

We have a collaboration with a swedish store at the moment and they ship all around the world. Here is the link.




| Quick tip that you do when life gets stressful? |

Wear our sweater. Breath, breath, breath! Connect with strong women around you and don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

| Best Swedish beauty tip?! |

Be proud of who you are! Its a cliche, but hey its true!


+ To follow Pussy Got Balls on Instagram, click here.


· The Lifestyle Playbook Rants ·


– Open Letter Rant –

I don’t do this often but doesn’t every girl say that?

So I’ve seen this up and down my Facebook feed lately / just wherever else.  It’s the quote, “do you want to build your dreams or build somebody else’s?” type of quote you’ve prob seen once or a million times.  I don’t know if it’s the wording, but I find it to be counterproductive and it rubs me the wrong way.  I get it’s supposed to be motivational but it seems to be more of a cheesy marketing strategy.  “BUILD YOUR DREAM LIFE, INSTEAD OF SOMEONE ELSE’S” would be a great book title to get on a Top Seller’s list.  Trust me, I assure you I understand the deeper meaning behind the quote.

Can we get real for a sec?  Sometimes we have to work for someone else, and be on someone else’s payroll to fund our passions and future endeavors  & that’s OK.

So you’re working towards your dreams, building your dreams to make them reality but once you get there – do you plan on having a team?  If you’re answer is yes then you’re on the right path.  Alright so when you have your team and you’re all working towards building your dream – are you going to keep posting that quote on your social media?  Are you going to say it in a team meeting? ….

Probably not because you’re a team and there’s no I or MY in team.  Each person in that team is vested in the dream, the purpose, the goal.  Whether it originated as ( your ) dream, it has now become the dream of others and probably always has been.  Thankfully for you, you’ve made it possible for them to work towards it.

Sometimes people are okay with working for others or their passionate about it.  Everyone’s passions come into play in different ways.  They don’t want the responsibility of being a CEO,  when they clock out of work their DONE with work.  When you are your own CEO, you can never clock out.

As I believe we should all work extremely hard to fund the lives we want to live.  I believe everyone should be hustling to get out of a situation they hate towards a situation they love.  If you’re clocking in and freaking hating life, then GET OUT – get out now ( !!!! )

Ok, that may not be realistic for some but start putting in the time to look into changing your current situation if you’re hating it.  Don’t get lazy on yourself.  That’s the worst thing you can possibly do, don’t become complacent!  If you’re current situation is a 9-5 job not by choice, you should have a side hustle.  Another source of income coming in.  Preferably a side hustle you are extremely passionate about until that side hustle becomes the main source of your revenue.

One way you can tell if you’re not passionate about the work you’re doing is ask yourself if you would do the same work for FREE?

Maybe my thought process is different because sometimes I tend to be passionate about helping others build their dreams, because I can and I want to.  I genuinely enjoy it.  I LOVE to offer people different perspectives, different ideas, and teach them how to execute them in maybe an unconventional way.  If I know someone I can connect them with or have knowledge about resources they can use – I share it all.  I don’t mind putting my time and energy in it.  And if that’s building someone else’s dream, I’m okay with that.  I can build my dream and help build someone else’s? Yes, plz. (Ha, maybe that will be the text on my book for marketing)

  Is there sometimes a struggle with balancing the two? HELL YEA. But it’s okay, I’m figuring it out day by day.

But I guess that’s what makes The Lifestyle Playbook different.  It was never about me.  I never started it with the intentions of just focusing on me and my dreams.  I made it to form a community.  A community of positive like-minded individuals.  It’s about truly building and creating relationships with people.  Whether it is for business or for pleasure.  It’s about inspiring, connecting and educating others.  To break boundaries and make new ones.  Do stuff the unconventional way.  Raise awareness and have fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my dreams and goals written down and engraved in my head but what I’m trying to say is that those dreams and goals  are to create something bigger and better for you guys.

I believe together we can make something really great.

What do you guys think?


Can’t knock anyone’s hustle.


Alright ta- ta for now

Love ,




· The Lifestyle Playbook Goes To Boston ·


HII Guys!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted something on here.

I’ve been busy working on content for my APP!  Yup, I said APP 🙂

The Lifestyle Playbook will soon be on the iTunes App store and Google Play store fo’ free <3

Some fun things you’ll see on my app are my Whole Foods grocery lists, my business plan and advice, along with other exciting stuff.  It’s hard to set an exact date because it can take up to 5 – 10 days after I submit it to the app store, but I’ll keep you guys updated 🙂

ANYWAYS – I am currently in one of my most favorite cities.


My family and I took a road trip from Orlando,FL to Boston,MA!  To some people that is too extreme, but we love any excuse to go on a road trip.  The further away, the better 😉

My mom was chosen to go to Harvard for a leadership continuing education (thingy?) – I should probably know this.  If you follow me on Snapchat you can watch me interview her about it.  We are SO proud of her and came to support!  Along with the interview, you can watch us drive through all the states, my travel MUSTS, fun places around the city, and how I choose healthy alternatives while traveling.

I wanted to make this post more about what I do when coming to a new city.

First things first – CHECK THE WEATHER!

I messed up.  I assumed bc I live in FL that every where had to be as hot as FL is. Ehh, wrong.  I got to Boston and the temperature was in the 60’s and rainy.  If I had checked the weather prior I could have been better prepared.

Second – I messaged a friend of mine who graduated from Harvard for recommendations around the area.  I would much rather ask locals for recommendations on food and drinks rather than doing extensive research which could lead me to places that may not even be that good.

Third – I search the best facials in the city.  Sometimes when I travel, my skin can get dry and kinda break out.  Especially lately, my skin has been acting so cray and I can’t seem to cut dairy out of my diet, UGH.  As soon as I got to Boston I booked an appointment for a facial.  Oh and of course I scoped out the nearest juice bar and Whole Foods by my hotel.

Fourth – I start making an itinerary for the days that I am here.  That way my days are more structured and I can make the most out of my time while visiting.

Another way I find fun, trendy, local things to do in the city is search the geotags and hashtags on Instagram.  Instagram can honestly be such a great tool when going to a new city and seeing what is really popular in the areas.

I plan on making a whole itinerary for the lifestyle playbook readers in case you guys plan on visiting Boston 🙂  Once you come, you’ll fall in love – seriously.

Follow along my adventures via  Instagram and Snapchat!  (PS Snapchat is my FAV – because it’s so real, raw, and authentic.  It’s a lot easier to be myself.  Although I hate taking selfies – I’ll try to flip the camera more on myself too).

Love you guys!