I started growing a love for all things beauty when I turned 21 years old.

Mainly because I never had to deal with acne and pimples UNTIL I turned 21 *cue eye roll emoji here*

I feel like I should give you the breakdown really quick –

Once upon a time,

I used to have a busy social life where I would go out with my girlfriends multiple times a week, get dressed up… but wear no make-up.  Yep, ZERO make-up on my face.

I’m not joking I would wear no make-up to the bars, downtown, parties, etc… meanwhile all my girlfriend’s knew how to make to glow up real with contour, etc…

I felt unstoppable though.

There’s nothing more sexy to me than rockin’ your natural skin and feeling so confident in it.

I didn’t even own any make-up – I think I had one mascara and that was it.


So then I turned 21 and so many things changed.  My skin went CRAZY on me, my taste in food change, my self-confidence, and more.

Maybe you can relate but once I started getting pimples and dark spots on my face after 21 years of not worrying about that shiz, my self-confidence completely plumetted.

It definitely should not have affected me as strongly as it did… but it did.

So I went to Ulta & Sephora with one of my close friends who did amazing make-up and had her pick out ALL the stuff I needed so that I can get started on covering these pimps and dark spots ASAP.

$200 dollars later, I WAS READY!


Still absolutely clue less on how to do apply any make-up on my face, so I naturally I went to YouTube.

You know YouTube?  The holy grail of all types of tutorials.

I started with Jaclyn Hill and then all the related “flawless foundation application” videos.

Still clue less but now had an idea of WTF to do.

Lots of caked up mistakes, lighter than my skin foundations, bronze heavy moments, and hundreds of dollars later.. I think I figured it out.


I think I got this shiz figured out, KINDA.  NOT like a professional of course (or anywhere close, HA).

I still have tons to learn but I wanted to show you my HOLY GRAIL of my best of beauty in 2017.

These products have helped me feel so confident in the skin I’m in again by covering up my dark spots.  I guess it’s more of an ease of mind type of thing.  One less thing to be mentally stressed about ( feeling like everyone is staring, judging, grossed out by my dark spots ).

Typing it shows how over dramatic and how much over thinking I really do.

I’m working on it.

In reality though- who cares what anyone thinks.  People are too busy worrying/thinking about themselves than to be obsessing over my dark spots.  Some people say they didn’t even notice them until I pointed them out.

Away from make-up, I just want to say that me going this route was just a band aide fix to my acne and dark spot issues.  I learned to actually fix this issue was to discipline myself with my skin care routine and what I was putting into my body (the right foods and TONS of water).

But let’s get started shall we?!  Because even on my great skin days, these are still my go-to’s for my momentary GLOW UP.

I am listing them in the order I apply them.  There isn’t a lot of products listed because I don’t use a lot of products.  The less amount of product I’m applying on my face, the better.


I apply my rosehip oil every morning after I wash my face and apply my serums both morning and night.  This has helped drastically with my dark spots. And also give more of a dewy look when doing my make-up.



I have been using this CC cream non-stop for YEARS.  This is my holy grail of all because sometimes (most the time) I don’t have to wear foundation when wearing this cc cream because the coverage is buildable and so light feeling.  OR I use it as a primer before I apply my foundation.


FOUNDATION: Armani Luminous Foundation

Just like the cc cream this foundation is buildable and I never get that cake-y feeling.  It makes my skin glowy & look even and smooth.  YES PLZ! Trust me, the hype is worth it – you need this.


(NOT PICTURED) CONCEALER: NARS Concealer always! I use the tone: Ginger.


LIP MOISTURIZER: COCOA BUTTER LIPS (Smaller Size) & (Larger Size, I use)

I was gifted this for Christmas years ago and have not stopped reusing and repurchasing it since.  My lips get so cracky and dry all the time.  Like it’s a problem and I was ALWAYS am on the hunt for the best lip moisturizer & I found it.  Just try it and thank me later <3



I use this palette all the time to set my under eye make-up, to contour, as eye shadow for the warm tones, I use it as a bronzer sometimes if I can’t find mine (I actually broke my Tom Ford bronzer and was devastated – still am because it broke my wallet and then literally shattered… I need to stop talking about it before I get into my feels).  But this is definitely a one stop palette for all.  I constantly am finding new ways to use it.



I love to add highlight no matter where I am going or what I am doing.  I add it on my cheek bones, nose, upper lip, corner of the eyes, and on my collar bones.  The glow up is REAL.


You can find these products on my Amazon Shop as well!

None of these products were sponsored or given to me.  I have purchased and repurchased all of these products with my own money.

I am interested in learning more about clean natural ingredient products as well so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!







During my freshman year of high school, I took a general health class and read a tiny paragraph about mental health and career titles in that field. I literally knew right then, this is IT.

That “when you know, you just know” type of moments. I’ve spent almost a decade researching, learning, advocating, and obsessing over mental health, the mind, and anything in relation to it.

Fast forward, I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCF #goknights! In that time, I shadowed a Psychiatrist, interviewed a Psychologist who owns her own practice, joined psychology clubs, became a guardian advocate for those who have been baker acted, which you can read more from my post about it here and how to get involved with your local community. Definitely the most fulfilling hands-on volunteer work I’ve done.



After undergrad, I took a year and a half off to travel and figure out what my next step was going to be. I traveled A LOT. I learned a ton about myself while traveling solo and just figuring it out as I went along.

Deadlines were approaching and I decided I was going to apply to graduate school, the University of San Diego to get my master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I got accepted, packed my entire life into a car, and moved across the country.  I just finished my first semester there.

I never had imagined (well, kinda) that I would make such a huge move away from my family and friends.  I was a bit terrified at first but it’s apart of my story and one of my many adventures.

Two key takeaways I learned from my first semester was self-awareness and professional identity.


ˈˌself əˈwernəs/


1. conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

But I was learning it in terms of professional identity as a future counselor or “therapist” as it’s most commonly called. I couldn’t help correlating it to my professional identity as a blogger instead.

When I created the it was always meant to be 50% mental health, 25% Life & Style and 25% Travel.

Emerging myself as a mental health blogger was tough because I didn’t really have guidance or other mental health blogs to get inspo or direction from. So naturally my original approach to my blog was CHAOS. I had a vision though and that’s all I needed to get started and see it through.



When I started The Lifestyle Playbook my intentions were to:

+ build a positive community.

+ enlighten & inspire others.

+ promote a proactive/preventive lifestyle, rather than reactive.

+ create value.

+ platform to spread awareness.

+ create for YOU, by me.

+ freedom to creatively express myself.

+ share my best tips & life hacks.

+ create a lucrative business.

+ chip away the stigma towards mental illness.

+ give a place where you can stimulate your mind while on-the-go or chilling on your couch.




BUT I wanted to touch on all these things in my authentic voice.  How I type on my blog is how I actually talk to my friends or family.  So, YES there will definitely be grammatical errors and mistakes.

All reviews and promotions on the blog is because I truly use it or 100% stand behind it.  ALL opinions are my own.

These core values have never changed but through limiting self-doubting beliefs – it has really stopped me from progressing forward with the blog and putting out all the content I’ve had planned.

Self-awareness is key because it allows you to be consciously aware of your mind in constant battle with your identity, hindering you from fulfilling your purpose. It also allows you to strategically play harder on your strengths.

For me, my intentions and purpose is always clear.  I have always been motivated for my genuine love for people. My purpose is to serve and continue helping people. To spread love and kindness to people in all that I do. My overly optimistic mindset sees the best in everyone, almost to a fault. Judge-free zone over here. I live to share thoughts and tips I’ve picked up on my constant search for the sense of having balance in your lifestyle. Promoting and building healthy mental habits. To promote living a preventive and proactive lifestyle rather than a reactive one. Always looking out for your future self!


So what I did was I bought the domain name as soon as I thought of it, did research to make sure it never existed before, found the need for mental health in the blogging space, kept it a secret for 6 months while I got the website up & running. Launched my blog on social media, February 3rd, 2016. Once it was out there I felt a rush of excitement and then times of major self-doubt and insecurities that felt paralyzing to my creative work.  OUCH.

If I could go back now, I wouldn’t have let those things stop me from moving forward in blogging. I’m actually grossed out how much time I could have spent into the blog than in my own thoughts dwelling and overthinking on unrealistic thoughts.  You just gotta push though and just do it. Literally just do it – no nike.

Blogging is no joke.  You’re never just a blogger – you’re a creator, an editor, a business owner, a photographer, a stylist, a visionary, a leader, an entrepreneur, and so much more!

There’s so much that goes into it and at first I felt overwhelmed, but now I’m just having so much fun with the process of figuring out my aesthetic, my writing style, and what I’ll add next.

ALSO, if you’ve noticed my insta bio @thelifestyleplaybook I’ve added 3 locations: SD l LA l ORL

San Diego is now where I currently live and am based out of, Los Angeles because I’m a couple hours away and visit often if you watch me on Snapchat, and Orlando because I would claim myself as a bicoastal blogger knowing I visit back and forth to Orlando all the time and was born and raised there.  Love love love Orlando! (fun fact: I wasn’t a Disney theme park type of person).

Digging deep into my identity as a mental health & lifestyle blogger has been challenging but reassuring and only confirmed why it is that I do what I do.  Through this post I mainly focus on my intentions, goals, and reflecting on my personal journey.  It’s just the beginning, but I am so excited to share this journey with you!

2018 is all about consistently pushing out valuable content every single week.


Use Promo Code: PLAYBOOK15 for 15% Off Your Daniel Wellington Order!

If you want an accountability partner just email me 🙂

Let me know if you want me to share on how I got started blogging, web hosts I use, recommendations, etc…











I am literally obsessed with all things Amazon.  I order everything I need from Amazon for the most part.

O B S E S S E D.

So now I am able to make visible for you to see my MUST HAVES, Go-to’s, what I’m lately loving, seasonal things, etc… Even food!


Have fun!!!!

& Plz plz share what you guys get from Amazon!!






SEX DUST20% OFF – an adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs and Shatavari that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.

RELENTLESS BOOK – i always believe education is priceless, that’s why a #1 best-selling book for only $10 is perfect for the fiery entrepreneurial guy (or gal) (shoot, even yourself) in your life!

COLOGNE – because this smells sooo good… and i caught my boyfriend googling the price for this after i showed him the image, lolz.

HEADPHONES – these studio noise-cancelling headphones are the best! These are what i got my man for Christmas and even I’m obsessed.

COCKTAIL KIT – perfect for your traveling buddy or if you just want to get fun with your boozey babe.

ADIDAS – becuz men need help with upping their style.

CARD HOLDER – i splurged on my man a year ago with this Goyard card holder to give him some extra “sauce” and he has used it every single day.  definitely worth the investment plus i can always steal it for myself too 😉  There’s no link because you can’t buy it online.  And honestly I don’t trust it unless it’s directly from the brand because people sell fake Goyard as if it is real.  The major cities I know there is a store is Miami, LA, & NYC.  Email me at on how I was able to purchase this from the store without doing it online and without having to physically be there.

DRY BRUSH – benefits of dry brushing are to exfoliate, stimulate the lymphatic system,  relief stress, reduce cellulite & more!  I plan on doing a whole post on dry brushing but in the mean time, trust me – it is so worth it!

TRAVEL PACK – when you add swagger to your man’s travel essentials, it’s a good excuse to put them into use and plan a trip!


I love love love looking for gifts for guys.  I feel as though the simpler, the better.


Xx, Elena





SO many great gift options all under $50 that are perfect for gifting your bestie, they won’t be disappointed!


BKR WATER BOTTLE: Because sometimes you need a fun bottle to make drinking water more enjoyable & uh, instagramable? ha – that’s definitely a thing now too.

GIRL BOSS WORKBOOK: Just in time before New Years you can get your bestie thinking and prepping for her New Years resolutions. Honestly I think we all need these for ourselves, I already ordered it on Amazon prime and it’s only $10!  QUALITY.

BAUBLE BAR NECKLACE: CHIC – CHIC – CHIC & Under $50!  Give your bestie the most elegant necklace becuz essentially they deserve it for being our free therapists.

TRENDIEST CANDLE: Smells so good and is aesthetically pleasing home decor.  When the candle is done you can clean it out and use it to hold your makeup brushes.  Definitely a must-have!

BEAUTY BLENDERS: The BEST for applying make-up and because we always need to replenish them.  This is the perfect surprise for your beauty guru besties.

COCO ROSE SET: 1. The branding is so on point. 2. Instagramable. 3. All-natural products which is sooo important because what you’re putting on your body is absorbed so you want to make sure your not putting nasty chemicals.

VOGUE BOOK: For your classiest of best friend’s that love fashion, xoxo


Do you have any gifts in mind for your besties?!


If you need any more ideas you can email me at


xx, E


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Soooooo… I made a YouTube !!!!


This isn’t the first time I made a YouTube though.  In ninth grade I thought it was an amazing idea to bring my camera to class and when I was out with friends and have like no editing on them ?? haha it’s out there somewhere.

But I’ve evolved since then so I made a brand new channel to focus on life and style videos along with lots of travel vlogs!  I have always been passionate about making video content and sharing my lifestyle tools and tips.

I just need your support to subscribe to my channel to reach 100 subscribers.  When I get to 100 subscribers I will do a Thanksgiving GIVEAWAY!

It will be my first giveaway to you guys so I will definitely be making it EXTRA special.

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Thank you guys I L Y <3 x33




Matcha On Matcha On Matcha

Happy Saturday!

What is your absolute favorite thing to do on the weekends?



Rose Lemonade


Avocado Toast

Mine is to find super chic local places near me.  Since moving to San Diego I have been doing constant research on the gram!  Instagram is literally perfect for finding things to do and places to go in a new city.  And Holy Matcha did not disappoint.  Everything was just so on brand with TLP that I could not resist!  I basically want to live here, blog here, and bring all my girlfriends here who come visit me from FL 🙂  Since I was here and couldn’t resist a good marble background for my flat lay, I decided to show you what’s in my Marleylilly clutch!

Marleylilly Clutch


Red Nails For Fall


What’s In My Clutch?!



When I carry my clutch I really don’t like to have too much stuff inside.  A clutch is just for your absolute necessities when going out day or night.

WARNING:  The stuff inside might be random as hell but it’s what’s in constant rotation.

This clutch is perfect for me because it allows me to securely hold it through the front strap.  This is v necessary for me!  There’s been a few times too many, embarrassingly enough where I have accidentally left my clutch around Downtown because it’s not physically attached to me as would a purse with a purse strap would be.  NO BUENO.  I’m very self aware in these occasions now haha..

Matching monogrammed card holder because I don’t even know the last time I owned a wallet.  Maybe in like 2013?  Card holder’s are just more efficient for me and it helps me not hoard a bunch of random reward cards in it.

My boyfriend LITERALLY blasted “My lipgloss is Poppin” in the car as I applied my Fenty Beauty lipgloss right before.  He’s ridiculous but he gets it.

My highlight is very much a staple piece.  I’m so picky that when I get a highlighter that I truly love, I am ride or die for it.  The only two I use are Champagne Pop for years and Fenty Beauty as of late.

My lips get dry AF and I literally won’t go anywhere without my lip moisturizer.  I’m constantly on the hunt for the best lip moisturizer in the game.  What’s fun about this Nurse Jamie NuLips moisturizer is that it comes with a lip scrubber to scrub off the dead crusty lip skin (TMI?) and it temporarily plumps your lippies.  My other fave chapstick that I bring everywhere (not pictured above) is THIS HOLY GRAIL.

….because you just never know when you’ll need to throw your hair into a top knot with a drybar clip.

There’s a crystal or two with me for good vibes, always!

You need a floss pick because shit happens and people don’t have your back like you think they do when you have stuff stuck in your teeth.

I wear glasses, sunglasses, carry around my iPhone so I always need a lens cleaning cloth with me.  A cool tip you can do is use the cleaning cloth to clean your front and back camera on your phone to take WAAAAY better quality photos.  Trust me on this, I am a psycho about my iPhone photos 😉

This healthier choice of gum from Whole Foods.


Holy Matcha San Diego


Marleylilly Monogramed Three Layered Necklace

The type of necklace I have been on the constant hunt for here.


TOP found here.

JEANS found here. Similar ones found here or here.


As always my readers are the absolute shiz and I appreciate you! <3



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1. I moved out 2. I moved across the country 3. Still trying to feel at home in my new home!

Moving to California makes it really hard to get out of the ‘vacay mindset’ and come to grips that I ACTUALLY live here now.  My new home. So crazy….

I definitely went through some major internal struggles before and during my whole move process.  MAJOR disconnect happening with body/mind, isolating myself, etc…  I will do a whole post on that in hopes of relating with others who may not do as well with change either and figure out some ways to better cope with change.  I’m still trying to figure it out.  I also did a cross country road trip with my boyfriend, so I’ll do a whole post on that too! 🙂




I’m excited.  I’m inspired. And I’m ready to dive back into my passions.

If you’re still reading at this point, THANK YOU for your continual support & ily <3


October 14, 2017 


The first night I moved into my new place in SD I went to Home Depot and bought a cute mini cactus for my new kitchen…. here we are a month later and the cactus is officially RIP and falling apart.. I didn’t even know you could kill a cactus plant ????? #FAIL

Anyways, in an attempt to redeem my green thumb I stopped by a local plant nursery to look for some cute succulents.  The theme is LOW MAINTENANCE.  Something easy, effortless, and chic.

That’s basically been my theme for the past year.  Especially when choosing my #OOTD’s (outfit of the day).  I’m all about using my time more efficiently than standing in front of my fully stocked closet thinking how I have NOTHING to wear and change my outfit 5 times just to end up wearing the first one I had picked out.  The struggle can be REAL.

Something effortlessly I’ve been incorporating into my wardrobe is this Daniel Wellington watch.  The new 28mm collection is absolute femme perfection.  I believe a skinny watch band always makes the wrist look sexier.  If that’s not your taste, DW sells larger watch band sizes as well for both men and women.  I have partnered up with Daniel Wellington to bring you guys a special discount code: PLAYBOOK15 to receive 15% off any purchase at check out.  Trust me, the quality is up to par at a price that doesn’t break your budget.  These watches are great gifts too.  I’ve gifted my uncle and aunt that live in Spain DW watches and they loved them.  If you do purchase a watch using my code make sure to let me know which one you’ve picked! 🙂

Link to exact watch here.


ALSO – what are you being for Halloween?! leave me a comment to let me know or if you have any idea what I should be!

As always, I am procrastinating on my costume because I have no idea what to be!

Link to exact watch here.

Black hat is Amazon Fashion linked here.

Black dress is AQUA currently sold out.  Similar options here, here, or here.

My go-to white sneakers are linked here.

Click on the images or links to shop this look.







· The Lifestyle Playbook Fall Edition ·


This striped kimono is perfect for the day/night transition into Fall.  It is definitely a statement piece so I would try to keep it simple underneath to not distract from the kimono itself.  I also switch it up with either shorts or jeans.  This kimono is a piece you can have fun with in your wardrobe and it’s currently on sale for over 50% off so it is definitely a win/win situation. 🙂

Photos taken by the talented babe @alexandraa_riley who just recently had a birthday so show her some love <3

Shop the look from the links below (similar shorts attached) or go to MY LOOK ON SHOPSTYLE:


· The Lifestyle Playbook Shopping Hacks ·


Living in Florida – where it’s sunny all year round makes it REALLY hard not to break your bank splurging on bikinis!  Especially with the beach weather rolling in, the first thing I did was start online shopping for bikinis.  I wanted to share my tips on how I shop for bikinis and whether I want to SAVE (low cost) or SPLURGE (high cost) on them!

One pieces are

e v e r y t h i n g.

I think people really underestimate the sexiness of a one piece.  They give off the illusion of more curves and elongate your legs!


Shop the looks:


This is on my must-have list for this spring/summer.

Shop the looks:


The off-the-shoulder ruffled tops are perfect for the girl with a small bust to help accentuate what you have and your shoulders.  Don’t underestimate the collarbone moment.

Shop the looks:


I love a good high neck.  But how SIMILAR are these two swimsuits?!  Practically the color and all.  The crazy part is the price is over a hundred dollar difference.

Shop the looks:

 Tropical Print HIGH & Tropical Print LOW

This was so fun for me to make because I love sharing my tips on how I save money while shopping.  Although sometimes I splurge, I love a good price hack!  I will definitely do more posts of my save & splurge hacks.

Next up will be my spring break checklist!