· The Lifestyle Playbook Goes To Boston ·


HII Guys!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted something on here.

I’ve been busy working on content for my APP!  Yup, I said APP 🙂

The Lifestyle Playbook will soon be on the iTunes App store and Google Play store fo’ free <3

Some fun things you’ll see on my app are my Whole Foods grocery lists, my business plan and advice, along with other exciting stuff.  It’s hard to set an exact date because it can take up to 5 – 10 days after I submit it to the app store, but I’ll keep you guys updated 🙂

ANYWAYS – I am currently in one of my most favorite cities.


My family and I took a road trip from Orlando,FL to Boston,MA!  To some people that is too extreme, but we love any excuse to go on a road trip.  The further away, the better 😉

My mom was chosen to go to Harvard for a leadership continuing education (thingy?) – I should probably know this.  If you follow me on Snapchat you can watch me interview her about it.  We are SO proud of her and came to support!  Along with the interview, you can watch us drive through all the states, my travel MUSTS, fun places around the city, and how I choose healthy alternatives while traveling.

I wanted to make this post more about what I do when coming to a new city.

First things first – CHECK THE WEATHER!

I messed up.  I assumed bc I live in FL that every where had to be as hot as FL is. Ehh, wrong.  I got to Boston and the temperature was in the 60’s and rainy.  If I had checked the weather prior I could have been better prepared.

Second – I messaged a friend of mine who graduated from Harvard for recommendations around the area.  I would much rather ask locals for recommendations on food and drinks rather than doing extensive research which could lead me to places that may not even be that good.

Third – I search the best facials in the city.  Sometimes when I travel, my skin can get dry and kinda break out.  Especially lately, my skin has been acting so cray and I can’t seem to cut dairy out of my diet, UGH.  As soon as I got to Boston I booked an appointment for a facial.  Oh and of course I scoped out the nearest juice bar and Whole Foods by my hotel.

Fourth – I start making an itinerary for the days that I am here.  That way my days are more structured and I can make the most out of my time while visiting.

Another way I find fun, trendy, local things to do in the city is search the geotags and hashtags on Instagram.  Instagram can honestly be such a great tool when going to a new city and seeing what is really popular in the areas.

I plan on making a whole itinerary for the lifestyle playbook readers in case you guys plan on visiting Boston 🙂  Once you come, you’ll fall in love – seriously.

Follow along my adventures via  Instagram and Snapchat!  (PS Snapchat is my FAV – because it’s so real, raw, and authentic.  It’s a lot easier to be myself.  Although I hate taking selfies – I’ll try to flip the camera more on myself too).

Love you guys!



Elena Sanchez