SEX DUST20% OFF – an adaptogenic blend of lusty superherbs and Shatavari that help combat the effects of stress to ignite your creative energy, in and out of the bedroom.

RELENTLESS BOOK – i always believe education is priceless, that’s why a #1 best-selling book for only $10 is perfect for the fiery entrepreneurial guy (or gal) (shoot, even yourself) in your life!

COLOGNE – because this smells sooo good… and i caught my boyfriend googling the price for this after i showed him the image, lolz.

HEADPHONES – these studio noise-cancelling headphones are the best! These are what i got my man for Christmas and even I’m obsessed.

COCKTAIL KIT – perfect for your traveling buddy or if you just want to get fun with your boozey babe.

ADIDAS – becuz men need help with upping their style.

CARD HOLDER – i splurged on my man a year ago with this Goyard card holder to give him some extra “sauce” and he has used it every single day.  definitely worth the investment plus i can always steal it for myself too 😉  There’s no link because you can’t buy it online.  And honestly I don’t trust it unless it’s directly from the brand because people sell fake Goyard as if it is real.  The major cities I know there is a store is Miami, LA, & NYC.  Email me at on how I was able to purchase this from the store without doing it online and without having to physically be there.

DRY BRUSH – benefits of dry brushing are to exfoliate, stimulate the lymphatic system,  relief stress, reduce cellulite & more!  I plan on doing a whole post on dry brushing but in the mean time, trust me – it is so worth it!

TRAVEL PACK – when you add swagger to your man’s travel essentials, it’s a good excuse to put them into use and plan a trip!


I love love love looking for gifts for guys.  I feel as though the simpler, the better.


Xx, Elena


Elena Sanchez