Elena Sanchez

Elena Sanchez, 23, originally from Orlando, FL now residing in San Diego, CA! Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's in Psychology and currently working on a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


My name is Elena Sanchez and I am the girl who brings her teacup yorkie everywhere.  Originally from Orlando, FL.  About six months ago, I packed up my entire life and moved across the country to the beautiful San Diego, CA!  Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and currently working on a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I am and always will be a life-long learner in and out of the classroom.   I have a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and a self-driven personality to be the creator of my future – always knowing it was going to be the unconventional way of creating it.  My biggest passions are advocating and educating about mental health, traveling the world, and creatively expressing myself through fashion and style on the blog.  Growing up I was (and still very much am) a conscious girl, grounded with a secure sense of who I was (and currently am).  I truly believe this is a result of traveling my entire life and experiencing/seeing different cultures.  I’ve always believed that traveling and knowledge about mental health is key for personal growth and self-awareness.  I created The Lifestyle Playbook to showcase, educate, and promote a preventive and proactive lifestyle instead of a reactive one. AKA always looking out for your future self and not waiting until something “bad” happens in order to start the healthy lifestyle changes needed.  I describe lifestyle in terms of balance with mental health, overall wellness, style and travel.  The ultimate goal with The Lifestyle Playbook is to build and connect a positive community with my readers.  I believe as a team we can help spread the word and help educate other’s to have that balanced lifestyle we always say we want but never do.  It’s WAY easier then we think!  I am so excited to embark on this journey with you!

Thank you so much for being here : )

WARNING: The Lifestyle Playbook is a platform that only showcases genuineness, realness, positivity, and love.  Although that sounds sweet, topics won’t be sugar coated.  There is no place for negativity here.  Although, constructive criticism is always welcome in my contact section, here.