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Soooooo… I made a YouTube !!!!


This isn’t the first time I made a YouTube though.  In ninth grade I thought it was an amazing idea to bring my camera to class and when I was out with friends and have like no editing on them ?? haha it’s out there somewhere.

But I’ve evolved since then so I made a brand new channel to focus on life and style videos along with lots of travel vlogs!  I have always been passionate about making video content and sharing my lifestyle tools and tips.

I just need your support to subscribe to my channel to reach 100 subscribers.  When I get to 100 subscribers I will do a Thanksgiving GIVEAWAY!

It will be my first giveaway to you guys so I will definitely be making it EXTRA special.

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If you guys have any requests or questions please email me at thelifestyleplaybook@gmail.com

I would love to collab with you if you do YouTube too! Email me at thelifestyleplaybook@gmail.com


Thank you guys I L Y <3 x33