Sooo….. promise you won’t be totally grossed out?

…don’t judge!

My dirty little secret has to do with HAIR.

& the fact that I haven’t washed mine in TWO weeks.

Yep, you definitely did not read that incorrectly.  I can already tell what you’re thinking… but hear me out.

I haven’t washed my hair in two weeks and it’s not completely disgusting.

It’s actually pretty life changing, has improved the quality of my hair, and has been tremendously less damaging.

PSA: I take daily body showers, I just don’t wash my hair when I do.



Let me start off with stating that this isn’t a trend like the “no poo-ing”.  This is a lifestyle change and something I have been training my hair to do for YEARS now.

Whenever I mention this to people, I usually get the same reactions and questions.

First, let me tell you WHY I started to wash my hair less and less.

Your hair produces natural oils and when you shampoo your hair, it tends to trap your natural hair oils which can lead to dryness and breakage.

I had also started coloring my hair for the first time and was completely unaware that washing your hair too much strips the (expensive) color that you put into your hair and makes it more brassy toned.  So if you pay a pretty penny to get your hair colored – don’t make the same mistakes I did.



And to be honest, I am very aware that I have more hair on my head than the average person.  It’s literally a whole production when I wash my hair.  It started to become dreadful and too time consuming to wash my hair so often.

I started this hair journey probably four to five years ago.  I’ve honestly lost count because it has been so long and it’s all I know now.

I used to be guilty of washing my hair everyday or every other day.  My hair would be so disgustingly greasy if I went more than a day or two without washing.  Plus, I was extremely uninformed about anything regarding hair.

Fast forward, thanks to following some beauty blogger’s and hairstylists (THX SOCIAL MEDIA) I learned that you can TRAIN your hair.

The first question usually starts with HOW?!

How I started to train my hair:

First, I transitioned to silk pillowcases.

I started off with two days of not washing my hair.

Then three days.  On the third day, my hair was so greasy and it looked terrible.  Then I washed it on the fourth day.

Then next time I did three days again.  Then I washed it.

Then I did three days again and started noticing it wasn’t as terribly disgusting.  So I went four days.

I disciplined myself to work up the days of not washing my hair.  And I started to notice dramatic results and I was able to keep pushing back the date of washing my hair.

I am at a point now to where I have trained my hair to go two weeks without washing AND it doesn’t look like a greasy hot mess.

My hair feels amazing and is only oily in the places that I touch the most with my hands (the hairs that are usually around my face).


Tips to avoid public humiliation:

When your hair starts showing the grease from not washing in the early stages.  Use dry shampoo.  This was my bestie in the early stages to hide the grease.  I would spray it the night before as a prevention and to absorb the excess oils while I slept.  GAME CHANGER.  I used this one, and I’ve heard this one and this one is amazing.

A slicked back pony tail or top knot using my alligator clip = my go-to hairstyle during the process and even to this day!

Try to avoid too much product build up in your hair, as this may cause you to have to wash your hair more often.

Just throw a hat over on to hide the greasy hairs so you can go without a wash for just another day.

Fun fact: I do not own and refuse to purchase hairspray.

I’ve been using Gisou honey infused hair oil in my hair to help keep the moisture in my hair, add shine, and makes my hair smell amazing.



Because I don’t over saturate my hair with products or over wash, I tend to purchase higher-quality shampoo, conditioner, and hair oils like my Gisou one.

For the new year I’ve added blonde to my hair and am currently using purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones out.  For the shampoo and conditioner I am using is the Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color, linked here and here.


All products I have used, currently use or ones that are on my wish list are all below.


There is no one single answer for how often you should wash your hair but this is has been my journey.  Results may vary for different hair types.  Overall I highly recommend giving it a shot.  

Nothing in this post was sponsored or given to me.  I have purchased all of these products on my own.

You can also find all of my favorite hair products or accessories on The Lifestyle Playbook Amazon shop – linked here.



Please let me know if you do this, want to start, or if you find this terribly disgusting!